Nature, in a post nature landscape
The view on nature as something unchanged by man is still and has been for hundreds of years a commonly shared one. Today, the situation has changed so dramatically that nature by the common definition does not exist anymore. We now control 75% all ice-free land because of industrialization, agriculture and urban growth. Each year humans extract 60-100 billion tons of material from earth. Now, we live in a post-nature world were our impact affects all-natural processes and systems.
The project seeks to illustrate climate change in relation to the idea about nature as unchanged by humans. It consists of a structure which adapts to its surroundings and filters away a surplus of weather conditions such as wind, temperature and precipitation. The center of the structure is an interior which has the conditions of pre-industrial nature. The relationship between humans and nature is complex. We are part of nature although our activity on earth is often described as separate from the natural phenomenon. Today there are three major views upon nature and ecology. The first one argues that protection of nature only serves the purpose of keeping humans alive. Nature is not assigned any value of its own, it is simply what surrounds humans. The second takes a step towards giving some living species rights. It constitutes the ground of the liberation of animals where every creature that has feelings is to be considered an entity. The third argues that trees, minerals and nature is to be given the same rights as humans. It is not the aim to protect humans and to keep us alive, it is the aim to protect universe from humans and our interference with nature. The structure is both an illustration of climate change and a portable natural reserve which creates the only left nature (by definition) on earth.