Långholmen observation tower
This project looks at the island Långholmen from a post human perspective. Långholmen is a place where lots of history has taken place. For example, Gustaf Vasa organized his troops here before entering Stockholm in 1523, a prison was active for 100 years and closed permanently in 1975, a Jas fighter crashed during the water festival 1993. Nature here has been altered and left with lots of traces from all the activities that happened and occurred here. The project looks at places which has been victims of these activities. The place where I choose to work specifically with is an old quarry where prisoners worked when the prison was still opened. This is a space located next to Långholmens highest point and the old anti-aircraft gun positions. It also has good connections to existing walkways and stairs up to Västerbron. It is a central location on the island, but it is today abandoned and serves no function. Very little activity is based on this part of Långholmen apart from walking and running. During the winter it is even less. Therefore, I wanted to create something which activates the surroundings and invites people to visit. To celebrate to island and its history I created an observation tower from which the whole island is visible. The tower is constructed from standard steel components. Nature is given the tower to take in possession and to let its trees and bushes climb onto it. Circulation in and out of the tower is located in its center with stair leading up and down in a hexagon system.