This work is inspired by the composer John Cage and his work “Music of changes” where he throws a dice and composes a mix of notes. This music is generated out of chance and Cage means that the listener experiences a 100% musical experience since you can´t have any preconceptions about it. I wanted to investigate ways of achieving this in a spatial way. Rooms without function or area of use serves no purpose other than its own. It is just a room. When chance is used as a creative force in designing of a space, the purpose becomes subordinate to the result. Will the outcome become a one hundred percent spatial experience? To explore the world of chance I paraphrased works from the artworld to create methods. I worked in the manners of Duchamp, Arp and other contemporary artists where chance been used as a creative force. I used the computer to simulate chance in 3d programing and I created machines which had a different variety of chance outcomes. The result was a structure generated from a machine which could produce a variation of 32 billion outcomes.